Join like minded souls on this road trip of a lifetime from Glasgow through London, Paris, Milan, Monaco, Barcelona and end with the party of all parties in Madrid. 5 star luxury will welcome your weary body each night, and a well earned breakfast will prepare you for the following days’ excitement.

K8RALLY Bubble Trophy - In Madrid the team who has shown the most passion, what team shows the most endurance, the best party spirit and who undoubtedly has true K8Rally blood pumping through their veins will win the K8Rally bubble Trophy.

The other exclusive K8RALLY awards consist of :-

G-Style Award- Simple, if your flash, have your 'bling' on and look like you run the show... You will become the K8RALLY G-Style Giant's

Slinky Style Award- If you've got the chat, the look and the slinky smooth style, you win the K8RALLY Slinky Style award.

Owchh.. Award- K8RALLY competitors will be asked to keep all fuel receipts during the rally...Who ever burns the most win's our exclusive Owchh.. Award

Because S**t happens Award- You break down, Your Sat Nav goes crazy, Your late, or end up with endless bills... its all in the name of K8RALLY.

A bottle of Crystal Champagne will be presented to eachK8Rally team to celebrate reaching the final destination. Spray it, drink it, whatever you like, just celebrate in style!


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K8RALLY have moved the rally dates and dropped the price. Leaving in August 2009 @ £3200 per car, £1800 off!!!

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K8RALLY have dropped the entrance price of the rally to £3200 (£1600 each) to contend with the “credit crunch”

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K8RALLY publish 5000 exclusive letters to the UK, with only 120 positions for the 2009 K8RALLY.

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2009 K8RALLY destinations confirmed, please see 2009 K8RALLY for more info...

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K8RALLY is the first Rally EVER to leave Scotland, Would you like to be part of it??