The rally begins...

10th August 2009

9.00am Arrive in Glasgow, register car.
9.30am Breakfast/Vinyl’s are applied to all cars)
10.30am Brief from Stuart Wallace
11.00am Prepare cars for Start line
12.00pm 2009 K8RALLY Starts Glasgow - London
7.00pm Cocktails before dinner at 7.30pm
10.00pm Dance the night away & Party till 3

11th August 2009

10.00am Breakfast & Prep cars leaving at 11.30
1.15pm Check in on ferries
3.10pm Arrive in Boulogne. Continue drive
6.00pm Arrive in Paris - cocktail reception
7.00pm Dinner and then partying til 2.00am

12th August 2009

9.00am Breakfast & prep cars leaving at 10.30
7.00pm Arrive in Milan - cocktail reception
8.00pm Dinner and then partying til 3.00am

13th August 2009

1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Prep Cars and leave for Monaco
6.00pm Arrive Monaco - cocktail reception
7.00pm Dinner and then on to Casino at 9.30pm

14th August 2009

10.30am Breakfast & Prep cars
12.00pm Leave for Barcelona
6.30pm Arrive Barcelona - cocktail reception
7.30pm Dinner
10.00pm Official K8RALLY Beach Party

15th August 2009

10.30am Breakfast & Prep cars
12.00pm Leave for Madrid
6.30pm Arrive Madrid - cocktail reception
8.00pm Dinner
11.00pm Prizes and party

16th August 2009

Return Home…


Headlines »
K8RALLY have moved the rally dates and dropped the price. Leaving in August 2009 @ £3200 per car, £1800 off!!!

Headlines »
K8RALLY have dropped the entrance price of the rally to £3200 (£1600 each) to contend with the “credit crunch”

Headlines »
K8RALLY publish 5000 exclusive letters to the UK, with only 120 positions for the 2009 K8RALLY.

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2009 K8RALLY destinations confirmed, please see 2009 K8RALLY for more info...

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K8RALLY is the first Rally EVER to leave Scotland, Would you like to be part of it??